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IKONIX brings you the latest in broadcast technology transforming a simple green screen setup into a completely customizable virtual environment. Working collaboratively with our clients we merge the physical and digital worlds allowing us to reimagine storytelling incorporating these practices to produce unique and engaging virtual events. We push the boundaries of what is possible adapting technology used in film, animation and live event industries to create innovative visual effects with a workflow designed around live broadcast and streaming.

Digital Set

Our bespoke Digital Sets utlilise a central location design to enhance the presentation aesthetic when hosting any event or webstream. Presenters can use this platform to throw to speakers anywhere in the innovative content delivery & projection mapping world and display support materials that can be client created.

Virtual Studio

The presenter can use their home webcam to stream themselves into a live event. Simultaneously, IKONIX generates virtual windows to display the presentations and graphics as well as the webcam image from each remote location.

Before & After


IKONIX Launching our Virtual-Foyer to integrate with your online event. Create any branded foyer to suite multiple event rooms and interactive spaces. Test it out for yourself on a computer web browser at Virtual Foyer.

Virtually Anything Is Possible!

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