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IKONIX has a full range of dome solutions to suit your needs.

All our domes come with turnkey Audio Visual packages and are gaurenteed to offer

immersive enviroments no matter what size you choose.



Creating Immersive Experiences

Everything rests on the quality of your content.

Content can make or break an installation. So we always want to help you get your content just right. IKONIX has a team of skilled animators using a range of tools that allows us to achieve the desired outcome. We can build everything from scratch or work closely with your team to achieve a truly memorable experience.


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Flexible Content Delivery

 The real beauty of the IKONIX platform is its flexibility.

If you already have 360° or VR content, it’s likely to be ready and usable in IKONIX domes. Because IKONIX uses a layer-based system, we can integrate several different formats, from several different sources, all in real-time.

Almost everyone is surprised by what our technology can do – clients from all over the world recognise this system as state of the art.

6 Metre Dome


10 Metre Dome


15 Metre Dome


21 Metre Dome


Forever developing new solutions

Our technology team is constantly developing new solutions – keeping our technology current and integrating new functionality whenever it becomes available.

As well as creating standardised solutions, we work with clients on bespoke functionality. We also work with technology partners to make their solutions Igloo-ready. And we keep on-top-of the fast-moving worlds of VR and AV, to look out for promising new innovations that can be given the Igloo treatment.


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Bring your 360° and VR content to life. We can help you get the very best from your content