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Virtual EVENT Production IN 2020

2020 saw a vast array of changes to the way we work in the events industry. Social distancing, border restrictions and a stop to international travel brought our industry as we knew it to an abrupt halt and the world turned to online streaming and virtual events. 

The Vision:

Bring to the market a new way of creating a stage set backdrop that would tie in with the content for the main screen.

Our in-house content and development team and our event production team combined forces to create and roll out this specialised technology and deliver online events in a more engaging and dynamic way.

The Process:

Our setup incorporates a combination of Disguise / Notch / Unreal Engine and Avolites AI depending on the client’s requirements and size of the virtual set which our designers build and fully customise in-house. Our workflow allows for a Host or Speaker to be filmed on a green screen and positioned in their virtual world. This can be pre-recorded, live stream or a combination of both. Operators then control multiple virtual cameras, multiple universes of lighting fixtures and inputs like webcams and PowerPoint presentations. All of these inputs can be local or remote locations anywhere in the world.

The Solution:

IKONIX have also integrated two elements of motion capture. Firstly, we can track virtual cameras and use spatial mapping software to change the audio imaging to suit the relationships between the presenter and cameras. Secondly, we can track the presenter on stage and they can control augmented content elements like graphs and particles using their hands.

In addition to all this, IKONIX has developed a Virtual Foyer which is an interactive virtual holding area for online events. This is a great way to engage the attendee’s before the virtual event commences.


All of this can be now adapted with our Hologram technology so as live events become active again, we can merge the two and produce Hybrid Events using holograms, live and virtual production technology.


The Details:

  • Custom Content Creation
    • Generative Awards Show
    • CSV Database reference
  • Media Server 
  • Technical Design
  • Production Management

IKONIX love providing alternative solutions to our clients… we will consider all options to ensure your job (no matter how big or small) will be a success.