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home of the arts (HOTA) opening night

Opening night of HOTA’s (Home of The Arts) new Art Gallery on the Gold Coast on the 7 May 2021, was a spectacular visual event created in collaboration with the Gold Coast City Council, local visual integration and design company IKONIX and content design company, Optical Block.

The Vision:

HOTA (Home of The Arts) on the Gold Coast, is the home for all things creative – a space that brings people together through art. The opening of the Gallery needed to pay homage to the unique architecture of the building and tell a story of the local Indigenous culture. 

Gold Coast City Council’s vision was to incorporate the unique shape of the building into the launch. Working collaboratively with a local content supplier, IKONIX were engaged for the technical integration and design, helping to light up the building and tell a story.

The Process:

The opportunity to work on the opening of HOTA (Home of The Arts) on the Gold Coast, in collaboration with the Gold Coast Council, was an exciting prospect for IKONIX being a Gold Coast based company.  

Innovative technology was used to 3D scan the area and build a point cloud, or a series of dots. Imagery was uploaded in the 3D software, Disguise Media Server and used to build the final product that was projected onto the building for the launch.  

Hosting special guests including the Gold Coast Mayor, local stakeholders and the media, the opening of the HOTA Art Gallery was an event to be seen at. Spectacular animated imagery telling a story of Indigenous heritage was projected onto the abstract piece of architecture and aligned perfectly using Disguise Media Server. The complexity of the architecture and alignment provided an interesting challenge that IKONIX rose to.

The Details:

  • Technical integration and design

  • 3D scanning

  • Disguise Media Server

  • Projection Mapping

The Solution:

Opening night of HOTA (Home of The Arts) needed to be a visually spectacular event to align with the creative ethos of the space and architecture. In collaboration with the Gold Coast City Council and another content creation company, IKONIX used innovative technology to 3D scan the area and create an accurate visual story that lit up the building and the night.

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