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Lexus Gourmet Escape

Frasor Gallop Estate

IKONIX were engaged to come up with a unique hologram display for some of Lexus’s most valued clients at an extravagant dinner under the stars on Frasor Gallop Estate in Margaret River.

The Vision:

Our client wanted to fuse gourmet escape culinary experiences with the sophistication and design of their world class vehicles. They wanted their guests to be wowed by innovative technology and be taken on a journey via hologram over the lake on the vineyard.

Location, Location, Location.

The Process:

IKONIX creative team firstly worked on a story board using client assets and hitting the key points they wanted to showcase. After a number of reviews and collaboration meetings and with a custom audio scenescape complete, we started on creating the 3 minute hologram video. With the vineyard as the backdrop beyond the lake, we thought the opening scene should be headlights turning on in the distance from between the vineyard grapevines with the car appearing to get closer and closer to the unsuspecting guests. Once we have their attention they are drawn into a wormhole and taken on a visually stimulating journey which includes abstract style flight through space, kaleidoscope cars and exploding tornados. 

This was projected on IKONIX 10m x 5m hologauze screen which was suspended within a truss arch out of sight at the lakes edge. Guests were asked to look out to the lake at the end of the evening for a final surprise. As the headlights appeared in the distance at the start of the hologram video, there were gasps throughout the audience. They were captivated for the duration of the 3 minute video and erupted into applause as the Lexus Experience Amazing logo appeared. This created a truly amazing and memorable experience.

The Details:

  • Custom Content Creation
  • Hologram
  • Media Server
  • Technical Design
  • Production Management

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