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OUTPUT 001 Dance festival

Holograms That Excite

As part of the Australian stellar new trance music festival, Output 001, with a lineup boasting some of the biggest names in dance music, IKONIX created a state-of-the-art engaging holographic production to captivate and engage audiences.

The Vision:

IKONIX was recently engaged by the team at ‘Output 001’ to add an extra dimension to a music event in Melbourne. IKONIX love stepping outside the box to deliver unseen before content and this was the perfect opportunity to display how versatile Hologauze technology really is.

Holograms in Australia are still a fairly new concept so we knew that it would be a fantastic way to provide a mesmerising show but also show the industry the way of the future. We worked with the talented team at South West Solutions over a 4 week period to create a show that not only provided borderless pseudo 3D visual effects but was also reactive & fully customisable in real time.

The Process:

IKONIX only utilise the best of the best when it comes to their productions and decided that for this particular event Notch would not only provide a seamless show (think zero stutter and frame drops) but would also allow us to modify content in real time giving us full creative control!

The bespoke content that we created for this event would usually require many, many set changes but the use of Hologauze technology allows us to provide what looks like a different set purely with different content. This not only saves a huge amount of time in between artists but is also more budget friendly with less set creation and an extra bonus, bump in/out times are dramatically reduced, who doesn’t love a quick bump out

The end result was beyond what we could have imagined, an engaging and captivating production that kept the audience wanting more.

The Details:

IKONIX love providing alternative solutions to our clients… we will consider all options to ensure your job (no matter how big or small) will be a success.