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World's Biggest House Party

IKONIX enjoy a good party when we can, but when asked to provide the audio-visual production design for the world's biggest house party, how could we refuse.

Worlds Biggest Party

The Vision

The theme for this year’s party was Secret Society and Travers Beynon wanted it to be bigger and better than ever.

More flames, more fireworks, more lights and a bigger stage. IKONIX were tasked with design and supply of lighting, vision, audio and lasers.


The Details

• Lighting
• Audio
• Video
• Lasers
• Production Management

The Process

Planning for the world’s biggest and best house party started 12 months out and IKONIX were engaged to provide the audio-visual production design commencing 6 months out.

This was a very collaborative process working with Stagekings & Skylighter Fireworks to bring our client Travers Beynon’s grand vision to life. IKONIX designed and mapped the LED screens which were integrated into Stagekings 20m high stage set along with the lighting design and audio production. Once the LED and lighting design was signed off, we worked with Skylighter to add the special effects to the stage. Lots and lots of flames, CO2 jets and lasers all integrated with the custom crafted stage set. This backyard party was set to rival Coachella.