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Creating immersive and interactive content to create a magical stage design for Wicked the Musical, run locally on the Gold Coast, was a breath of fresh air for IKONIX.

The Vision

IKONIX were engaged by Matt Ward Entertainment for their production of Wicked the Musical on the Gold Coast at HOTA, Home of the Arts.

The vision was to bring innovative technology to the stage that will complement the shows physical set but not take away from the entertainment.

IKONIX created an immersive experience by creating the content dramatically using NOTCH and not having lots of pre-rendered items. This allowed for a more fluid playback style. The innovation was in the creation of a hologram for the Wizard’s head, breathing magic and life into the production.

The Details

• Holograms
• Projection Mapping
• Production Design
• Content Creation

The Process

For this project, IKONIX production managed the event, as well as creating the content and managing the playback. The process involved extensive collaboration between the Set Designer, Director, and the IKONIX team to ensure the video content created enhanced the already established set design.

IKONIX’s team translated the set designers ideas into technical drawings and worked closely with Audio and Lighting designs to bring it all together. NOTCH software was used to create the content including the hologram of the Wizards head.

To make the hologram appear realistic, IKONIX used an interactive process where the actor playing the Wizard acted out the scene on camera, and our digital artists used this to recreate the the Wizard’s facial movements and expressions holographically. As the content was generated live, we were able to use the lighting to enhance the content on the night and make it an even greater immersive experience.

The show was a success, made even more enthralling with the addition of IKONIX content and production management. As IKONIX often works with international artists, it was enjoyable to be able to showcase and support Matt Ward Entertainment, a local production company on the Gold Coast.