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Light Garden: Unleashing Enchantment with Projection Mapping in a Dazzling Light Garden

The Vision

'Light Garden'

Step into a realm where imagination blooms and technology intertwines as we explore the captivating vision behind our radiant light garden installation, where nature and innovation converge in a mesmerizing dance of light

The Details

• Technical integration and design
• LED Bar Wall
• Projection Mapping
• Content Creation
• Interactive Content
• Depth Camera

The Process

IKONIX was enchanted to deliver a bespoke solution using Touch designer & Unreal with our new Barco 4k Projectors. Integrating sound reactive elements that melded seamlessly into the Light garden theme.

The Result

Witness the breathtaking results that unfold as darkness succumbs to a kaleidoscope of brilliance in our light garden installation, where dreams take root, and the very essence of the environment is reimagined through the interplay of vivid lights, creating an immersive masterpiece that enchants the senses.