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CITRIX Futurion Exhibition

IKONIX were engaged to add some creative content projection to the CITRIX Futurion exhibition at ICC Sydney.

The Vision

Our client had produced a number of exciting activations and experiences for the Futurion exhibition and engaged IKONIX to develop a walk in floor projection feature as well as a custom designed beach projection for one of the stands.

The Details

• Projection Mapping
• Content Creation

The Process

IKONIX got to work animating an illustrated asset provided by our client to be used as the entry projection. This was to be an animated multifaceted window into the city of the future. Our content designers started on bringing this still illustration to life incorporating multiple lifestyle, travel and work scenarios within the one window.

Our second project was to build realistic looping content of waves lapping the sand on a beach that was to be projected at the Veridium stand and mapped onto a custom shaped vinyl floor in front of oversized beach chairs. Both activations were a great success with positive response throughout the exhibition and our client stating it was her best