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Aura Display Village Opening Event

Bringing to life display homes with projection mapping at the opening night of Stockland's new display village.

The Vision

The Aura - City of Colour Sunshine Coast's $5B world-class southern gateway.

The creative brief for this project was to bring to life the front façade's of the display homes using vibrant and rich colours.

The Details

• Technical integration and design
• Avolites AI Media Server
• Projection Mapping
• Content Creation

The Process

IKONIX was thrilled to be able to work in collaboration with Mask Events and help bring to life the Stockland's Display Village at Aura Sunshine Coast.

Our talented content team brought the houses to life using the magic of touchDesigner and Unreal Engine. This enabled them to create custom content that was uniquely mapped to each display home façade, resulting in a truly mesmerizing visual experience. The end result was a feast for the eyes, with each display home transformed into a wonderland of color and excitement. Thanks to the team's creativity and technical expertise, the custom content came to life in a way that left a lasting impression on all who saw it

The Result

Aura Display Village Opening Event was a hit with the families and received fantastic feedback by both the client and guests that attended.

It was great to see everyones faces light up in awe as they saw the projections on the display homes. We would also like to thank everyone involved in creating such a wonderful event especially the team at Masked Events.